Our story begins with a love for nature, aiming to boost our physical performance, and a craving for something sweet. In 2019, we realized that we were not alone in our appreciation for honey and its benefits. The idea of HIVEKEY was born.

We want to do more than just enjoy honey. We want to learn from it, and from the amazing creatures that produce it. We explore how honey can improve our health and well-being, and how we can protect the bees and their environment.

That’s why, in 2023, we embarked on a new chapter. We teamed up with dedicated beekeepers to bring you superb honey. We aim at creating a platform where honey is not just a substitute for refined sugar, but also a lifestyle. A platform where you can find information, tips, and inspiration on how to live a healthier, happier, and more daring life.

That's what we call a HIGH-KEY lifestyle.

Where does HIVEKEY come from

Hivekey honey is meticulously harvested from the untouched, remote regions of Bulgaria, areas that are devoid of any harmful elements such as pesticides, toxins, and emissions. The absence of roads within a 4 km radius ensures the preservation of the natural environment, thereby guaranteeing the unparalleled quality of our product.

Our 2023 batch of Hivekey honey is a product of an Acacia forest, nestled approximately 450 metres above sea level in the northeastern part of Bulgaria. This specific location imparts unique characteristics to our honey, making it a distinct offering in the market.

Our beekeepers, who are certified Organic (BIO), adhere to stringent quality checks and inspections to maintain the highest standards of production. Their unwavering dedication to beekeeping and environmental conservation is reflected in the superior quality of our honey, making it a trusted choice for families. This commitment to quality and care for the environment underscores our promise to deliver the highest quality honey to our customers.

Hivekey honey is completely raw, with no added sugars or syrups. It does not undergo any processing, and machines are only used to stir the honey and pour it into jars. This ensures the preservation of its natural properties and taste.

We currently offer two varieties of honey: Acacia honey and Mixed Blossoms honey.

Acacia honey is harvested in the spring (May-June) when the Acacia trees are in full bloom. The bees, being in close proximity to the Acacia trees, naturally collect the Acacia nectar, which is the dominant nectar in the honey. Our sustainable harvesting methods ensure the preservation of the natural environment and the quality of the honey.

Mixed Blossoms honey is harvested throughout the year and is a blend of nectars from various plants growing in the vicinity of the beehive. This variety of honey offers a unique taste profile, reflecting the diversity of the local flora.

This commitment to quality and care for the environment underscores our promise to deliver the highest quality honey to our customers.

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